My Transformation

Before and After

My Why

I was stuck and was not sure where I was going in life. 

A friend of mine reached out and challenged me to live a life of adventure... A life of risk... A life of reward. 

Had he not reached out, I honestly don't know where I would be.

He was there for me at a critical point in my life -- a point that had he not been there, I know I would have made minor improvements at best. 

That's exactly what I aim to be for you... That person who pulls over on the side of the road to assist getting your vehicle out of a ditch. 

Someone who extends a helping hand to challenge, encourage, and push you to climb the walls of life helping you to achieve whatever it is you want to in the shortest amount of time.

Because we go further, faster, with the right kind of support.

The CountableX Program

1:1 Accountability Partner Services

A completely customizable Done With You (DWY) service providing the exact thing you need to reach your goals: Accountability!

Partner with Jes in the pursuit of your future success and achievement with the help of his signature system, CountableX. 

Realize accountability through a simplified system shown to work wonders for people in different walks of life. 

"I promise you will be moving in a positive direction in one-week's time, and in a very different headspace after our very first day working together, guaranteed!